240 years ago...

... since June 13th 1777, when General La Fayette, on board the Victoire, cast anchor at South Inlet near Georgetown and came ashore to support the American Patriots in their fight for Independence.

100 years ago...

... since June 13th 1917, when General John Pershing disembarked at Boulogne in the vanguard of the American expeditionary force sent to help France regain Peace and Freedom
... and since June 7th 1917, when the 200 circles convened in Chicago by Melvin Jones took the Lion as their emblem and founded the service club, forerunner of the Lions Club International. .

To celebrate Franco-American friendship and the decisive role played by the United States in the victory of 1918, General Pershing was present at a ceremony on October 6th 1937 in Versailles to inaugurate the Pershing La Fayette monument. Unfinished though it was, the monument was hastily adorned for the occasion by temporary equestrian statues in plaster mounted on the two plinths standing majestically on the Butte de Picardie.

Taking up the torch, the Lions of Versailles, members of Franco-American patriotic Societies (Cincinnati, D.A.R.and S.A.R.), historical societies and Pershing La Fayette Versailles association have decided that in 2017, the centenary year of the Lions Club International, the monument should at last be completed. Equestrian statues of the two heroes should take their rightful place, symbolizing the friendship between our two nations and the values of independence and freedom which we have shared for more than two hundred years.